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ABYC Standards Certified

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Pre Purchase Marine Survey
Vessel Size
Up to 36'
37' to 47'
48' and longer
To be quoted
Condition and Value (C & V's) Marine Survey
Vessel Size
Up to 25'
26' to 35'
36' to 45'
Over 46'
$400.00 minimum
To be quoted
Marine Claim/Damage Survey Services/Consulting and Expert Witness Rates
Surveyor's Services
Expert Witness
Travel Expenses
Oil Analysis
Photographs are included with reports
$300.00/hr, min 2 hours
No Charge
Survey reports are sent out via email, bound & printed copies are available at an additional cost of $25 / each.

Boat Check Inspection... $400.00

1. All survey cancellations within 48 hours of originally scheduled survey are subject to a cancellation fee.

2. The above rates are for fiberglass vessels only, please contact us for a quote on wood, aluminum, or steel vessel surveys.

3. Payment is due on the day of survey

4. There will be an additional charge for second trip to vessel if requested or required.

5. Catamarans over 30' are priced at an additional $2/ft
Insurance Claims and Damage Survey services can be contracted between this surveyor and the vessel owner or insurance company. Flat rates are available for extended periods of time and quotes will be provided upon request.

Consulting rates will be quoted based upon agreement between this surveyor and client - usually billed at $600.00 per day plus expenses.

Click here for a Survey Boarding Agreement / Work Order Document.

General Survey Conditions
  • Rates shown for Sea Trial assume the trial will be conducted at the time and date of the survey - if not, terms will be negotiated if additional time and travel are required
  • Equipment is tested at the discretion of this Surveyor - if no sea trial is conducted.
  • Extensive moisture testing on fiberglass and wood hulls will be billed at $85.00/hr
  • Electronic corrosion surveys will be billed at $85.00/hr
  • Spars and Rigging on sail boats are surveyed from the deck level only. (A complete rigging survey aloft is recommended on all sailing vessels that have not had a recent survey, if racing, or if blue water cruising).
  • It is recommended that propulsion and auxiliary engines be inspected by a qualified engine surveyor. This surveyor does offer engine oil spectrometer analysis at a cost of $50.00 each sample.
  • It is recommended that all vessels be hauled out for bottom and running gear inspection.
  • All boatyard charges for hauling, pressure washing, destructive testing and any affiliated services are not the responsibility of this surveyor.

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